Biofertilizers to stimulate the production of cereal and grains crops

The world cereal production in 2022 fell by 57 million tonnes (-2.0%) compared with total production in 2021, marking the first fall in three years. Primarily driven by conflicts and extreme weather events, this downgrade in production has increased global demand for cereals and grains. This rise in demand has led many cereal and grain … Read more

Merry Fungi Christmas

As we head into the festive period, the first restriction-free Christmas for three years, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the challenges overcome and the achievements made in the last twelve months and celebrate them! FA Bio has been focused on growing the company in 2022, with the appointment of Adrian Percy to the … Read more

The Gender Investment Gap

As a female founder in the agriculture industry, a sector with predominantly more male representation than female, I’ve been exposed to stereotypes and discrimination and consistently encountered additional challenges to my male counterparts. More needs to be done to break the bias and act for equality, supporting female founders in the same ways as male … Read more

FA Bio appoint Dr Andreas Renz as an Advisor to support its industry growth

FA Bio supports its acceleration to commercialisation with the appointment of a specialist advisor in technology & innovation FA Bio, the revolutionary agriculture microbial discovery and development company has appointed Dr Andreas Renz, a passionate innovator and leader in Agtech & biosciences, as an Advisor. With over 20 years of industry experience, Andy Renz is … Read more

FA Bio win the Radicle Inclusion Challenge presented by Nutrien

FA Bio, the revolutionary agriculture microbial discovery and development company, win the Radicle Inclusion Challenge Presented by Nutrien, securing a $250,000 investment and access to a global network of executives with deep industry expertise who will serve as strategic partners and mentors, accelerating its pathway to success. Radicle Growth, a company-building platform investing in early-stage … Read more

Breaking through the glass ceiling to diversity and inclusion in agriculture

At FA Bio we embrace people from different backgrounds, believing that it strengthens relationships and promotes creativity, respect and problem-solving within a team. By collaborating and building strong internal and external relationships, we can work together as a team and as an industry to achieve our vision of protecting natural ecosystems. The Challenge As a … Read more

Discovering biocontrol candidates for wheat crops

Pathogens that affect wheat crops can infect both the roots and the leaves, causing disease, rot and blotching and can occur at all stages of crop development. Currently, there is no effective silver bullet available, the most common ways to manage disease in wheat is by crop rotation or use of chemical fungicides. The market … Read more

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