FA Bio Launches Their New Values!

Today, the 21st of May, we embrace World Day for Cultural Diversity. A day for celebrating and supporting the variety of cultural traditions all over the world.  Inaugurated by UNESCO in 2002, it promotes the value of intercultural understanding and the protection of diversity. 

As a diverse team made up of over 15 nationalities, FA Bio understand how a diverse society plays a crucial role in a sustainable, healthy and happy environment. By embracing people from different backgrounds, we believe it strengthens relationships and promotes creativity, respect and problem-solving within a team, ensuring we work together to achieve our vision of protecting natural ecosystems.

From humble beginnings in a University Laboratory in 2015 where a team of two innovators Angela de Manzanos Guinot and Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver began the journey to fulfil their passion for sustainable agriculture to today, with a team of 26 expert scientists and professionals who all work together for that same mission, FA Bio is on a journey of immense growth and development.

With that growth, it felt important to ensure the voices of all the FA Bio team were heard and heralded when it came to the company culture and values they believed in. Across a number of workshops, ideas were freely shared and activities were carried out to ensure the company values aligned with the team’s core beliefs.

We are proud to introduce FA Bio’s 2024 company values as; Innovation and Creative Thinking, Diversity and Inclusion, Collaboration, Growth and Environmental Sustainability.

As part of its initiative to support and nurture an inclusive and diverse team, FA Bio introduced its ‘Culture Champion’ award in 2022 which recognises and celebrates those who have made significant contributions to the team and company values. It’s first recipient Leigh Credland had this to say about FA Bio’s new company values: “These are a true reflection of everything I feel proud about working at FA Bio.  I think they represent our greatest strengths.  As someone who has grown from Office Manager to Operations Manager and now Head of Operations, I have truly lived the value of Growth.  I could only have achieved this personal growth through embracing the other values, collaborating effectively with our diverse team and innovating new systems and processes to support the company as it continues to grow.”

The 4th recipient of the award, Natalia Taketani, FA Bio’s Process and Quality Manager adds: “The company values resonate deeply with my personal and professional journey. My experience in utilising microbes to enhance environmental sustainability directly aligns with the 5th company value. I firmly believe that sustainability is not just an option but a necessity for our continued existence on this planet. Coming from a developing country and now working in the UK, I deeply appreciate the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Being part of a diverse team enriches the workplace with various perspectives and fosters a more innovative and welcoming environment. Moreover, I am thrilled by the prospect of contributing to a company experiencing intense growth. Embracing the challenges of such dynamic expansion is crucial for its success and my personal development.” 

The 5 company values listed were not the only ones considered or given importance. Honourable mentions that will continue to be lived include:

Support and Growth: The culture of continuous personal development, support through mentoring, and flexible working is valued by team members.

Inventive: Commitment to innovation, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking is recognized as important for progress and finding game-changing solutions.

Passion for Innovation: The passion and use of skills and experience to develop new environmentally sustainable products and ideas is valued by the team.

Dedication: The shared commitment to achieving the mission of revolutionizing the agricultural industry is seen as important for overcoming challenges and making a lasting impact.

Excellence & Dedication: Performing activities with high standards and a commitment to finding effective solutions to alleviate the current food crisis is noted as a valuable aspect. 

Quality: Process quality and excellence-driven, embracing challenges, and creating a flexible and dynamic work environment is recognized.

Innovation and Scientific Excellence: The emphasis on continuous improvement, forward-thinking, and the pursuit of excellence in scientific endeavours is considered important.

Passion and Enthusiasm: A commitment to work with energy, dedication, and genuine enthusiasm is seen as contributing positively to the overall atmosphere.

Honesty and Reliability: The importance of a truthful and trustworthy environment, delivering reliable results based on quality work is acknowledged.

Creativity: Encouragement of out-of-the-box thinking and the exploration of innovative solutions is considered valuable.

Health and Safety: Commitment to the safety and welfare of employees through daily implementation of health and safety procedures is recognized.

Communication: The importance of effective and transparent communication at all levels is acknowledged.

Fostering a healthy company culture enthuses a happy work-life which is what we continue to strive for at FA Bio. We remember this as we celebrate this World Day of Cultural Diversity.

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