FA Bio Announce its Latest ‘Culture Champion’

Each quarter the team at FA Bio vote to nominate the next deserving recipient of the ‘Culture Champion’ award. Celebrating those whose contributions to the team and living of company values deserves recognition.  Continuing the initiative to grow and nurture the companies’ culture is highlighted by the latest recipient of ‘FA Bio’s Culture Champion’ award; Lucy Rogers.

As Microbiology Laboratory Technician at FA Bio, Lucy works in the Microbial Collection team, helping with the SporSenZ sensor sample campaigns and undertaking the isolations and molecular biology processes. Lucy assists with the depositing of microbial active ingredients and management of the Microbial Library database, looking after the data and making sure its accessible and is in the right place and order.

As well as maintaining the responsibilities of her day-to-day role in the FA Bio Microbial Collection team, Lucy has also been involved in the SporSenZ evolution project, conducting hands-on experiments and analysing the data to develop the construction of the compounds and enhance the attraction of different microbial species.

In addition to the SporSenZ evolution project, she has also been leading the enhancement of the FA Bio Microbial Library database to advance its security and accessibility. The Microbial Library is a very important part of the company and the safeguarding of the data associated with it is a high priority. Since taking on the project, Lucy has already made improvements to the visibility and functions of the database.

Lucy’s dedication to the company and her proactive approach are driving forces behind FA Bio’s innovative evolution. Her passion for sustainable agriculture and the potential of microbiology to revolutionise the industry fuels the company’s advancements in discovering superior microbes.

Lucy Rogers said: “I feel very privileged to have been nominated by my colleagues for the Culture Champion award this quarter, recognising my contributions to the team. Since joining FA Bio last year, I’ve experienced tremendous personal and professional growth, largely due to the incredible team I have the pleasure of working with. The collaborative atmosphere and the opportunity to work with such a diverse array of individuals, each bringing their own wealth of experience and knowledge, have profoundly influenced the evolution of my research and projects. Sustainable agriculture has always been a passion of mine, and I take great pride in being part of a team dedicated to developing solutions that will play a pivotal role in driving positive change and mitigating agriculture’s impact on our environment.”

Natália Franco Taketani, Process and Quality Manager at FA Bio, comments: “Working alongside Lucy consistently brings delightful surprises. Her rapid grasp of new concepts, unwavering determination, and self-driven approach substantially elevate our team’s productivity. Despite her reserved demeanour, Lucy adeptly communicates and engages with her colleagues, fostering seamless collaboration. Moreover, her clear feedback and high standards facilitate crucial enhancements in our projects. Working alongside her is truly gratifying and her exceptional attributes and efficiency markedly elevate both our team’s performance and the overall atmosphere.”

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