FA Bio announce its first ‘Culture Champion’

As part of its initiative to support and nurture an inclusive and diverse team, FA Bio introduced a ‘Culture Champion’ award which recognises and celebrates those who have made significant contributions to the team and company values. Each quarter, votes will be cast to nominate those individuals worthy of receiving the award, giving recognition for their contributions to the company culture and innovation.

The first recipient of ‘FA Bio’s Culture Champion’ award is Leigh Taylor. As Operations Manager at FA Bio, Leigh supports the team by managing essential office and operational tasks to ensure the smooth running of the company on a day-to-day basis. As well as continuing her role as Operations Manager, Leigh has gone above and beyond, making significant contributions to FA Bio’s core values.

Our Values

Innovation & creative thinking – As the first point of contact for any and every query, Leigh is accustomed to wearing multiple hats. Regardless of the request she is always happy to rise to the challenge and solve any issue to the best of her ability. Leigh’s innovative and creative way of thinking enables her to not only find a solution but curate new systems and processes that ensure problems are only ever faced once.

Environmental Sustainability – Sustainability is a big part of FA Bio’s mission to protect the natural ecosystems we need to sustain life, not only by minimising agriculture’s environmental impact but our own also. Leigh leads the development of new processes and systems that focus on reducing the carbon footprint of both FA Bio and its providers.

Diversity & inclusion, and Quality – FA Bio promotes inclusion of diversity across its different processes to ensure a combination of skills and passion. Leigh’s depth of experience and transferable skills mean she is enveloped into multiple projects and works with all team members across the business. Her impressive attention to detail is a quality that is valued and welcomed by all team members.

Growth – FA Bio has been focused on growing the company to deliver its mission of revolutionising sustainable agriculture with several additions to the team over the course of 2022. A considerable amount of support was needed to ensure a successful onboarding and continued development of new team members and Leigh has dedicated her time to ensure each team member feels welcomed and valued.

Collaboration – Collaboration is at the heart of FA Bio’s company values, whether its internal collaborations between team members, or external collaborations with growers, specialist partners or investors. All are crucial to the continued growth and development of FA Bio. Leigh has initiated multiple collaborative exercises, creating opportunities for the team to share top tips and experiences, as well as their knowledge of fungi as part of ‘Fungi fact Friday’.

Leigh Taylor said: “I feel very privileged to be recognised as the first Culture Champion by my team. I take a huge amount of pride in the work we are doing at FA Bio and the mission we are focused on achieving. I truly believe in the core values at the heart of the company and will continue to work hard to contribute to them. It is my pleasure to work alongside such an inspiring and innovative team who continually teach me new things and expand my knowledge of how we can make a real impact in sustainable agriculture.”

Angela de Manzanos-Guinot, CEO at FA Bio, comments: “We are very proud to announced Leigh as the first winner of our Culture Champion award. She has been a substantial part of the FA Bio team since joining us over a year ago and is a fantastic leader of our company values. Her phenomenal ability to support the team in overcoming challenges and developing new solutions and processes has been fundamental to the growth and success of our company. Leigh’s energy and passion is admired and appreciated even on the most challenging of days, driving us forward and bringing us together as a team. As a diverse and inclusive business, FA Bio is focussed on recognising those who are working hard to promote our culture and core values, leading us to initiate this award.”

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