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Helping Crops to Produce
More, With Less, Using Soil Microbes

FA BioAg’s mission is to find microbial active ingredients with disease control, plant growth promotion and fertiliser activities. Our Microbial Discovery Platform revolutionises the discovery of microbial active ingredients for biofungicides and biofertilisers. Our aim is help minimise agriculture’s environmental impact and restore soil health whilst sustainably increasing crop yields.

Microbial Discovery

Over the past years FA BioLab has sampled active soil microbes globally, working with all type of crops ranging from arable or row crops, to speciality crops, fruit crops, field vegetables, and even hydroponics. FA BioAg uses DNA sequencing methods, bioinformatics, microbial bioassays and glasshouse studies to study FA BioLab’s microbial library and find microbial active ingredients for bioproducts.


Targeted SporSenZ
microbial sampling


Genomic analysis & activity studies of microbial candidates


Test in planta & early formulation studies


Field trials & registration with key partners

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