A new year brings new beginnings …

As FA Bio head into the new year of 2022, we start with a growing team of expert scientists and a renewed passion and drive to identify sustainable farming solutions.


At FA Bio we have a pioneering team of scientists who carry out skilled genomic, microbiological and glasshouse experiments. They utilise our innovative technology in their study of soil microbes to develop agricultural bioproducts that can help minimise agriculture’s environmental impact.


Following a seed investment round in 2021 we announced that we were focused on growing the company to deliver our mission. That is what we have done, with the addition of three microbiologists to the team. So, as we start a new year, we’d like to introduce you to the latest and long-standing, members of the team at FA Bio who are committed to identifying agricultural bioproducts to help feed the world.

Ángela de Manzanos Guinot, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

With more than 16 years experience in agriculture and using innovation to solve the challenges of sustainability, Angela

 has a strong background in leadership, biotechnology and agriculture.

Kerry O’Donnelly Weaver, PhD

COO and Co-Founder

With over 11 years experience in agriculture, Kerry is an expert in crop sustainability and protection and brings
strong analytical, communication, and leadership skills to the team.

Vijayalakshmi Gunasekaran, PhD

R&D Lead

With 13 years experience in scientific research, Viji has strong expertise in biotechnology, project management, microbiology and plant biology.

Young Nam Lee, PhD

Lab Manager

With 14 years experience in biology, Young Nam specialises in plant metabolism, plant-pest interactions and plant-associated fungi.

Leigh Taylor

Office Manager

With 27 years of experience in administration, Leigh is a multitasking ninja, specialising in process implementation, organisation and problem solving.

Sarah Atkins


With 16 years experience in scientific research, Sarah specialises in microbiology, plant biology and phytopathology.

Pilar Diez


With over 18 years experience as a biologist and research technician, Pilar specialises in glasshouse experiments, liquid fermentation and molecular biology.

Alessandro Pession


With over 3 years experience, Alessandro is a specialist in microbial fermentation, food science and biotechnology.

Natália Taketani, PhD


With 21 years of experience, Natalia specialises in project management, the development of technologies and practices for sustainable agriculture and soil management.

Alison Quinn

HR & Office Administrator

With 35 years experience in business operations and office administration, Alison is a master of organisation and is trained in plants and garden design.

Dr Angela de Manzanos Guinot, CEO and Co-Founder of FA Bio said:

“Last year was challenging for everyone but we believe through every challenge comes change. At FA Bio we have made a number of exciting changes that we feel put us in a strong position for 2022. We recently announced our rebranding to reflect the evolution of our mission, to increase agricultural productivity sustainably whilst also improving soil health, and we have been focused on building our team to support this. FA Bio is leading the way in discovering game-changing bioproducts that can replace agrochemical inputs. With a growing team of dedicated expert scientists, we are very much looking forward to seeing how much we can achieve this year.”

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