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In the past 50 years, we have lost 70% of biodiversity in soils globally, with 30 football fields of fertile soil being lost every minute, due to soil degradation. The dichotomy between the need for better soil health and the importance of food security has created a new regenerative agriculture industry based on biological alternatives, worth $10.6bn and is growing at 15% per annum.


The negative impact of intensive farming and over application of agrochemicals to produce enough crops to feed our growing populations is having a negative impact on the health of our soils. Growers need a step-change in regenerative agriculture and crop inputs to guarantee food security, and this is where FA Bio can make a real difference.


At the 2022 Enterprise Hub summer showcase with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), FA Bio presented its unique offering, revolutionising regenerative agriculture with the discovery of superior microbes, to an audience of investors and corporate partners from the RAEng’s network.

At FA Bio we discover microbial active ingredients for biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilisers for regenerative agriculture.


We use our patented SporSenZ technology to study and collect microbial isolates from crop fields. Our scientific team then characterises these to discover superior active ingredients for biofungicide and biostimulants.


Our microbes have high efficacy, and we discover active ingredients in months instead of years.

FA Bio already has a proven model and are working with three international partners for product development. Because we want to have a great impact on our environment, we are targeting the largest crops, including wheat, maize and soya in the US, Europe and South America. In the US alone, wheat production was valued at almost $11.9 billion in 2021 and the value of corn for grain was $82.58 billion in 2021.


To achieve our vision of protecting natural ecosystems by discovering and developing game-changing bioproducts to replace agrochemical inputs, FA Bio collaborates with strategic partners for manufacturing and commercialisation. Our aim is to facilitate step-change in regenerative agriculture with the study of soil microbes and discover sustainable alternatives to agrochemicals.


FA Bio has previously raised £2.2 million to support their research and development and is currently fundraising another £4 million. Its next steps are to scale up discovery projects and grow the team, including building a presence in the US market. FA Bio is fortunate that its existing investors are continuing their support as they look for new motivated investors who believe in the mission and can support it. With the data room currently open, FA Bio aims to close the round by autumn 2022.


As well as presenting at the latest Enterprise Hub summer showcase, FA Bio attended the World Agritech Innovation Summit in San Francisco in March to meet with international investors and attended the 7th edition of F&A Next at Wageningen Campus on 18th and 19th May to discuss the transformation of global food systems.


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