FA Bio appoint five specialist advisors to strengthen their offering

As FA Bio focus on their new mission, they appoint five specialist advisors to help navigate their journey to identifying sustainable farming solutions.

Following the announcement to pivot their mission from offering diagnosis tools to identifying sustainable farming solutions, FA Bio have enlisted the advice and guidance of five prestigious expert advisors, to enhance and accelerate their vision to discover agricultural bioproducts that can minimise agriculture’s environmental impact. FA Bio’s appointed advisors are:


    • Leo Melchers
    • Nicolas Lindemann
    • Professor Nikolay Vassilev
    • Wolfgang Vogt
    • Eduardo Quemada McGuckian

Leo Melchers, independent consultant in agriculture and biotechnology supporting innovative start-up companies in the EU, UK, and USA, has over 30 years’ experience in Agribusiness and is passionate about innovation in agriculture. Following the formation of Syngenta, Leo worked four years at Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. in various executive research and business leadership roles. He is well respected for his international experience and passion for developing innovative ideas into successful and marketable products.

Nicolas Lindemann, specialist in agrobusiness, international development and innovation, has 30 years’ experience in Agrobusiness developing and managing growing SME’s. Internationally minded, he holds specialist advisor and board member positions across several leading agribusinesses in LATAM and Europe.

Wolfgang Vogt, founder of the company Agrobiota which develops  and commercialises microbial inoculants for use in agriculture, has over 30 years’ experience in biological control with microorganisms. His research on the development of biostimulants based on endophytic bacteria has strengthened the market position for microorganisms in agriculture.

Eduardo Quemada McGuckian, entrepreneur and co-founder of three start-ups in the biotechnology industries, has over 25 years’ experience creating businesses and making big transformations that bring success. He is well known for taking new ideas from the academia to the industry in biotechnology, agriculture, and ITC industries.

Professor Nikolay Vassilev, Professor at the Institute of Biotechnology for University of Granada (Spain), has over 40 years’ experience in agriculture and soil microbiology. He is an experienced research scientist in fermentation processes, soil microbiology and symbiotic systems with expertise in plant biotechnology, fungi, and fertilisers.

Dr Angela de Manzanos Guinot, CEO and Co-Founder of FA Bio said: “We are very excited to commence this next stage in our journey at FA Bio with the support and guidance of such well respected and influential advisors. For us to continue to lead the way in discovering and developing game-changing bioproducts we are focused on growing the company and, appointing such highly regarded advisors is just one of the steps we are taking to achieve this. Leo, Nicolas, Nikolay, Wolfgang and Eduardo will help drive us forward in our mission to lead a paradigm shift in the discovery and commercialisation of superior bioproducts that can replace agrochemical inputs.”


Leo Melchers, advisor to FA Bio, commented: “FA Bio has an excellent team & technology platform for discovery of useful natural microbes and developing novel biological products to support sustainable agriculture and safe food supply.”


Wolfgang Vogt, advisor to FA Bio, commented: “I am really impressed by the unique and focused development taking place at FA Bio.”

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