FA Bio appoint Dr Andreas Renz as an Advisor to support its industry growth

FA Bio supports its acceleration to commercialisation with the appointment of a specialist advisor in technology & innovation

FA Bio, the revolutionary agriculture microbial discovery and development company has appointed Dr Andreas Renz, a passionate innovator and leader in Agtech & biosciences, as an Advisor.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Andy Renz is a global expert in business development, technology acquisition and investor relations and has an extensive global network in the agriculture industry. An innovative leader in strategy, R&D and commercialisation of agricultural technologies, Andy has strong technical expertise in agricultural biotechnology, biologicals, biopesticides and protein-based solutions.

Following his postdoctoral research in Plant Physiology, Andy spent 15 years at BASF Plant Science where he led research projects, was responsible for forming and leading several innovation scouting teams across Europe and the Americas, and led its competitive intelligence activities. He then went on to Benson Hill Biosystems where he was Vice President of Business Development before becoming an Independent Consultant to bioscience start-up companies. Most recently Andy Renz was Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Vestaron Corporation and was responsible for the development and execution of its research strategy as well as identifying R&D collaborations and partnerships.

FA Bio is an innovative and diverse business helping to minimise agriculture’s environmental impact whilst sustainably increasing crop productivity through the development of bioproducts. They are leading the way in discovering unique soil microbes to develop superior microbial biofungicides and biofertilisers to protect our natural ecosystems. FA Bio is focused on discovering sustainable farming solutions that can restore the biodiversity of degraded soils and enhance or replace the activity of agrochemical inputs, revolutionising regenerative agriculture.

Dr Angela de Manzanos Guinot, CEO and Co-Founder of FA Bio said: “FA Bio is very excited to have Andy Renz supporting us as an Advisor at a time when we are looking to scale up our discovery activities to progress developing sustainable alternatives to agrochemicals. We are focused on accelerating the growth and development of our sustainable bioproducts and need to find like-minded strategic partners who can manufacture and distribute our leading candidates. Andy is an experienced global expert in innovation and business development, with his valuable support and guidance, we are set to achieve success on this next stage of our journey.”

Dr Andreas Renz comments: “I have a longstanding passion for Agtech and biosciences, so I am thrilled to advise such an innovative and inspirational leader of the industry. FA Bio is revolutionising sustainable agriculture with its strategy to discover sustainable biological alternatives to agrochemicals that can improve productivity and sustainability. I believe my strong global network as well as my expertise in technology and commercialisation can support FA Bio’s growth, as it looks to scale up development and establish long-lasting industry partnerships.”

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