FA Bio announce its latest ‘Culture Champion’

As part of its initiative to support and nurture an inclusive and diverse team, FA Bio introduced a ‘Culture Champion’ award which recognises and celebrates those who have made significant contributions to the team and company values. Each quarter, the team votes are cast to nominate those individuals worthy of receiving the award, giving recognition for their contributions to the company culture and innovation.

The latest recipient of ‘FA Bio’s Culture Champion’ award is Alison Quinn. As HR & Operations Administrator at FA Bio, Alison supports and maintains the HR and operational systems at FA Bio providing assistance to the office and laboratory teams to help optimise the day-to-day running of the company. As well as continuing her core responsibilities throughout the quarter, Alison also managed the recruitment of FA Bio’s new team members, from start to finish, handling all the legal actions, the onboarding and the implementation of new standards and procedures for future recruits. Alison went above and beyond to ensure each new member of the team was cared for to the highest possible standards, making significant contributions to FA Bio’s core values.

Alison’s innovative and creative thinking has led to the successful and efficient onboarding of three new starters to the FA Bio team, in quick succession, and has carved out a structure and standard for future recruitment processes that ensures new members of the team feel valued and supported at each stage of their career journey. As a company, FA Bio promotes the inclusion of diversity across its different processes to ensure a combination of skills and passion. By ensuring all team members have the skills they want and require to do the best possible job and achieve their own personal development goals, we are nurturing talent and supporting the development of the company as a leader in revolutionising sustainable agriculture.

Collaboration is at the heart of FA Bio’s company values, whether its internal collaborations between team members, or external collaborations with growers, specialist partners or investors. Alison plays a significant part in all these collaborations, assisting the lab team with the SporSenZ campaigns. As well as the operational administration required, effective collaborations with growers, couriers and the internal team are essential to a successful campaign. Alison’s diligence and attention to detail play a huge part in FA Bio delivering its mission to protect our natural ecosystems by providing game-changing bioproducts that can replace agrochemical inputs.

Alison Quinn said: “I feel very privileged to be awarded the Culture Champion for the last quarter. I am proud to be part of such an innovative company that’s empowering its employees by ensuring they feel valued as part of the team and supported on their individual growth journeys. It’s a pleasure to work alongside such a diverse team who constantly inspire me. Being recognised by my fellow team members as going above and beyond my role is very touching and only drives me to want to achieve more, for them, for me and for the company.”

Angela de Manzanos-Guinot, CEO at FA Bio, comments: “Alison is a very valued and hardworking member of the team and a deserving winner of our Culture Champion award. She is thorough and meticulous with every task she takes on, fulfilling every element of her role to the highest standard and setting a great example of our core company values. As a diverse and inclusive business, FA Bio is focussed on recognising those who are working hard to promote our culture and core values, and this quarter we felt Alison dedicated herself to ensuring our successful growth and development as a team and company, leading us to present her with this award.”

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